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What do crypto and penny stocks have in common? Learn how you can apply strategies for trading penny stocks to crypto ... and which catalyst you should know for both. What’s the most important thing you can do in the market NOW? Watch and learn!

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It’s Monday after hours, and I’m filming a market recap for you.

I want to cover what I did right and what I could’ve done differently today. Pay attention! This is how traders learn and improve. There are some great market lessons here.

First, I had a decent trading day ... But I hugely underestimated some big spikers: $MVIS, $MARK, $RVP, $WTRH, and $IZEA. I also missed some big plays.

But that’s OK. Some of my students report nailing some of these trades. Props to them and everyone else who was prepared!

Second, I want to talk about the pattern that’s working for me right now. Watch the video to learn why you have to adapt. Because to those who don’t know, it may seem like luck. But it’s actually years of trading experience that helps me spot the right setups.

I’ll also talk about the catalyst that’s working right now ... and how you can use that for other markets. I’ll get into that more in the video. It’s also proof of why you have to learn to adapt to the market as it is right now.

So tune in as I discuss these stocks and more in this video. Pay attention to the tickers my students and I are watching ... You never know which one can go supernova next.

There’s an insane amount of momentum for a lot of these stocks. I think the smartest move is to learn about this niche as soon as possible — and to be flexible.

Adapting well means knowing your options. There’s more out there besides penny stocks. There are other markets that could have untapped potential — cryptocurrency is one of them.

Personally, I’m not a fan of crypto. Mostly because I rarely trust it. But I don’t trust a lot of these penny stock companies either, and I still trade them. That’s because it doesn’t matter what the company is about. It’s knowing how to focus on the price action.

Again, it’s knowing which catalysts can move stocks. And some catalysts can work in other markets ... like crypto.

Watch my friend Teeka's FREE cryptocurrency webinar. As you’ll see in the webinar, there’s an upcoming catalyst for crypto. Check it out and grow your knowledge account — while learning to adapt.

Click the link above so you can tune in. And you don’t have to like crypto either. But given what we’ve seen lately in the market, I think it’s smart to hear what Teeka has to say.

What do you think of this video? Leave a comment and say, “I will adapt” if you learned something!

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