This Stock Is Like Investing In The Inevitable Future Of Crypto


BIGG Digital Assets Inc. $BBKCF

We believe the future of crypto is a safe, compliant and regulated environment. We are the solution.

BIGG Digital Assets Inc. owns, operates and invests in crypto businesses that support and enhance a compliant and regulated ecosystem.

BIGG Digital Assets (OTCQX:BBKCF) (CSE:BIGG) CEO Mark Binns tells Proactive the Vancouver, Canada-based group is seeing 'tons of volume' on its cryptocurrency brokerage as cryptocurrency prices rise, including Ethereum hitting an all time high. Binns says the group, which runs two different business including a cryptocurrency exchange called Netcoins and Blockchain Intelligence Group, the run-up is 'perfect' as more consumers get into the crypto game, along with more demand for its forensics software.

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