Is Biogen Stock The Best Magic Formula Investing Stock? Best Stock To Buy Now (BIIB Stock Analysis)

Biogen (BIIB) stock is on the magic formula stock screener and also owned by Warren Buffett! Here's why Biogen is one of the best stocks to buy now.
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Biogen is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the US mainly being successful with its MS drugs. Biogen is a growth stock, with very solid growth rates over the past decade.

So is Biogen an undervalued stock to buy now? Using the discounted cash flow calculator, we find that Biogen has an estimated value of $477 per share. This gives us a 40% margin of safety with the current price of $250. Therefore if you think the inputs to the calculator are accurate, BIIB stock is undervalued.

The main risk with BIIB stock the future drugs that will be produced once the patents run out. Biogen needs massive R&D spending to come up with new drugs to cure new diseases such as Alzheimers, and so until this happens the growth rate will continue to slow. Pharma stocks are also not in my circle of competence, so I do not think I am able to accurately predict the future cash flows of the company. However, there is potential with this company and in the event of a large drop I will revisit this stock with the possibility of buying in the future.

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