Safest Way To Store Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP In Malaysia - Ledger Nano S Review

Safest Way To Store Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP In Malaysia - Ledger Nano S Wallet Review.

In this video, I'll be showing you what I think is the safest way to store your crypto (Bitcoin, XRP, Doge) in Malaysia. This video is also in collaboration with Cryptobilis, we're giving away 3 Crypto T-Shirts to 3 different winners! Watch the video to find out more!

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0:00 Best Way To Get Rich in Crypto
1:20 Giveaway + Authorised Resellers Matter
2:10 Unboxing (Sexy)
2:38 Setting Up Ledger Nano S
5:58 Important Notes!

Best Way To Get Rich

In my opinion, the best way to get rich, by investing in crypto is to simply choose the right coins, NFA tho, and then hodl, I know you won't believe me but RM1000 invested in Ethereum in March 2017 would have resulted in………………… 30k-40k in June 2021, the problem, however, is that when the prices dip, our animal instincts/monkey brains will warn us to sell and that becomes a very big problem. That’s why leaving your crypto on an exchange is never a good idea, it also doesn’t help that crypto gets hacked on exchanges all of the time.

Best Way To Save Your Crypto

The best way to save your crypto is to use a cold wallet which is simply a sexy word for a wallet that is not connected to the internet and therefore less risky. But in order to be truly safe, you’ll need to buy your crypto wallet from an authorised reseller from Malaysia, it’s important because one of the more common scams out there is that scammers like to send free hacked crypto wallets and once you start using them, it’s game over cause they’ll steal everything.

The problem is that there aren’t that many authorised resellers in Malaysia and most people buy from Shopee which is my god, not a good idea, I personally got mine from CryptoBilis which was recently featured on The Vulcan Post, their current mission is simply “one person, one wallet” and that’s why today’s video will be in collaboration with CryptoBilis. For my viewers, in particular, we will be picking 3 random people to get some of these sweet crypto t-shirts, all you have to do is to like, subscribe, follow my IG, and then like CryptoBilis’s, FB Page. Also, get RM 15 off from each purchase by simply using code chunweng15.

Important Notes

Some final notes – guys please keep your private keys safe, and don’t ever leave your private keys in a softcopy on your computer, cause you might get hacked. Instead, write them down on paper and then store them away somewhere safe. Also, don’t forget to get your RM 15 off from whenever you purchase a crypto wallet, special thanks once again to Crypto Bilis for making this video possible.

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