RX 5700 XT - Mining Ethereum | Hashrate | Overclock | Powerdraw

Sharing results mining Ethereum on my RX 5700 XT Anniversary Edition. Going over Hashrates, Overclocks, and Power Draw + Bios Mod and More Power Tool.
Overclock Settings & Stats Below:
Miner: Phoenix Miner 5.1c

Base Efficiency Overclock Settings:
Core: 1300 mHz
Voltage: 775 mV
Memory: 1770 mHz

Fine Tune GPU:
- Decrease Voltage
- Increase Memory

GPU is Crashing:
- Increase Voltage
- Decrease Memory
- Increase Core

Best Efficiency Overclock Settings:
Core: 1300 mHz
Voltage: 750 mV
Memory: 1810 mHz

Best Efficiency - Hashrates
Average 51.37 Mh/s
GPU Only ≈ 110 W
Hash per Watt: 0.47 mhs/w

BIOS Mod + Best Efficiency - Hashrates
Average 54.66 Mh/s
GPU Only ≈ 110 W
Hash per Watt: 0.50 mhs/w

BIOS Mod + More Power Tool + Best Efficiency - Hashrates
Average 54.58 Mh/s
GPU Only ≈ 105 W
Hash per Watt: 0.52 mhs/w

Stock Hashrates
Average 50.15 Mh/s
GPU Only ≈ 222 W
Hash per Watt: 0.23 mhs/w

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