Like Beyoncé's BeyHive, Craig Wright (#fakeSatoshi) has a secret weapon: The BSVHive! | Block Boys

Craig Wright thinks he's Satoshi Nakamoto. Many think he's #FAKESATOSHI. Fortunately for him, however, he has something in common with Beyonce Knowles, wife of Jay Z (Sean Carter). Much like Beyonce's "BeyHive", Craig Wright has a BSVHive that will come to his defense and the defense of his platform Bitcoin SV should anyone even remotely disparage him or it.

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- Bitcoin SV Is Dead |
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Block Boys is blockchain from a different perspective. 

I play on word, "block", simultaneously referring to both the hood (the block) and blockchain.  The mission is to make blockchain and crypto (knowledge) more accessible.  I, along with other experts and novices, alike, will be discussing time-relevant blockchain and crypto developments as well the underlying technologies and economic frameworks. And doing so in a way that is relatable to the streets.

Why should anybody care what me and my crew have to say about crypto?  I'm MIT Sloan School of Management trained in blockchain and cryptoeconomics.  I have an MBA as well as an undergraduate degree in Computer Science.  And I've been in the software business for 3 decades.  Most recently, I've built a mobile app for a leading cryptocurrency exchange as well as an exchange-arbitrage trading bot platform.  My network of friends and colleagues is deep with really smart people, many of whom are block(hood)-certified.

I started this channel with the following intentions
- educating, uplifting, and empowering people who could greatly benefit from blockchain but who may be intimidated by the technical complexity of it all
- bring a little bit of "the block" (the hood / the streets) into these blockchain spaces so that people with that background feel welcomed and at home. basically, I want to be relatable to people outside of suburbia and ivy league institutions of education
- get people to understand and embrace the fact that blockchain is so much bigger than crypto and crypto currencies
- seed entrepreneurship ideas so that people can find ways to participate in this blockchain / web3 revolution as producers and not just consumers.

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