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Crypto mining is more profitable THAN EVER and it's so exciting to be mining so many different cryptocurrencies with so many different types of crypto mining rigs! The latest crypto miner that is very interesting and super profitable are the Helium HNT hotspot miners -- they're silent mining rigs that only cost $1 a month to run and depending on your location are earning $50 or even $100 a day.. Absolutely insane times as a crypto miner. Bitcoin mining is more difficult than ever before, but as Bitcoin continues to rise in value so does that Bitcoin mining profitability when measured by the US dollar. Ethereum remains the backbone of GPU mining profitability, and if you have an Ethereum ASIC miner you are earning a lot of money mining Ethereum! Bitcoin mining is so appealing, publicly traded companies are snatching up existing Bitcoin ASIC mining farms to pump their stock prices, wild times indeed!

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00:00 I'm making over $50 a day mining Helium HNT hotspot miners
01:49 ForceDAO FORCE xFORCE Airdrop update
02:56 SATO Airdrop for Gitcoin donors
03:27 Helium HNT hotspot miners profitability
06:11 CosmoMasks NFT collection
06:45 Bitcoin mining difficulty & profitability
08:16 Publicly traded companies are buying BTC mining farms!
09:44 ETH new all-time high! Ethereum mining is insanely profitable!
11:11 GPU Mining profitability
11:52 This crypto bull-run still has a way to go! HNT, BTC & ETH
13:04 Join the VoskCoin community today! Find the hidden gems!
13:35 How much money I am earning mining Helium HNT

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