How to start Trading and make a real Profit? Step-by-step plan on

If you don’t know how to start trading – this video is all you need! I’ll give you step-by-step plan and explain how to choose your market and trading strategy, what is the advantage of technical and fundamental analysis, what skills you need to build, and how to avoid many traps and mistakes for a successful trading career and make maximum profit.

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Lessons which I mentioned in this video. You can find it inside the next plalists:
✅ Foundation: Why price move, Platform tutorials, How to Set Stop Loss:
???? Rule No.1: Never lose money:
???? Technical analysis:

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00:00 – In this video
00:36 – Study
02:13 – Demo account
03:24 – Choose market
04:32 – Learn how to use your platform
06:03 – Learn how market is really built
08:05 – Technical and fundamental analysis
09:54 – Chose trading strategy
11:22 – Find a mentor
12:40 – Analyze mistakes and update your strategy

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