How to buy COMP token on UNISWAP exchange (Trust Wallet) before the Coinbase Pro listing

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Check out Compound Labs (@compoundfinance):

Forget the price skyrocketing from $16 to $230 in a week

Forget the total value locked going from $100 to $400 million

A lot of folks believe @compoundfinance / $COMP came out of left field. Anything but.

It takes a long time to become an overnight success, and it often requires standing on the shoulders of giants.

What @compoundfinance has started goes beyond them

They've ushered in the Agricultural Revolution of DeFi...

Sorry I had to say this, @rleshner is DeFi Satoshi.

What @compoundfinance has been able to achieve is nothing short of awe-inspiring. This will open up new avenues for DeFi teams around the world. It's just the beginning!

COMP is now available at BitGo!

Yesterday, the Compound protocol executed a proposal that will reward all lenders and borrowers with COMP tokens, allowing the users to take control of the protocol's governance.

@compoundfinance #DeFi

Kucoin exchange link:

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Coinbase link:
$10 free in bitcoin from coinbase

Voyager Crypto app link:
25 bucks free of bitcoin on the voyager app link below

Link for the Trust wallet

Link for the coinbase wallet app

Video on how to use the Trust Wallet:

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