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The CV VC Global Report, created by CV VC together with PwC and distributed by Cointelegraph, is a new periodical report which highlights technology trends and showcases top global blockchain companies across the following sectors:

Blockchain in Art
Brokers & Crypto Banks
Crypto Exchanges
Custody Providers
Platforms & Protocols
Token Issuance Companies
Venture Capitalists in Blockchain
This Event will cover the Sector: Crypto Exchanges

Crypto exchanges set the value of cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency rate usually depends on the supply and demand of a coin, though there are other influences on the price such as news, economic and political events, and even technical issues.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are comparable to regular stock exchanges in that they are able to buy and sell their purchased cryptocurrencies, shares, or derivatives on their respective markets. The only caveat being that traditionally, cryptocurrencies don’t usually equate to ownership/part-ownership of a company.

There are numerous different crypto exchanges, but they differ in their options and functions; some exchanges are designed for day traders, allowing them to buy and sell crypto at lower commission fees when compared to crypto-to-fiat exchanges.

One can join online or visit us at CV Labs (Zug, Switzerland) where we will stream the panel discussion which is followed by a networking event with industry experts over some drinks.

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