Cryptocurrency in 2021 - Phemex Crypto Talk

We are happy to present another episode of the Phemex Crypto Talk Livestream. Today's topic will be "Cryptocurrency in 2021"

Our main host for today will be Ryan (@CanteringClark on Twitter), joined by Scott (@scottmelker on Twitter), Josh (@Josh_Rager on Twitter), and the CEO of Phemex Jack Tao (@jack_Phemex on Twitter).

At Phemex, our main objective has always been to help others manage risk efficiently and trade simply. Our Phemex Crypto Talk Livestream series is yet another way for us to share more knowledge and value with the community. We hope you enjoy it!

The timestamp of the Livestream:

00:00 - Intro
04:27 - Bitcoin hitting 38K ATH
08:27 - FOMO warning from Jack, advice on how to keep a level head
13:03 - How will regulations affect crypto and what effect will mass institutional adoption have on the overall market?
19:12 - Eth on CME, what will the effect be?
25:32 - Predictions for the coming year
35:00 - Will crypto remain a speculative asset as the market cap grows?
37:00 - What impact do stablecoins have on cryptocurrency?
42:30 - What do new regulations mean for centralized and decentralized exchanges?
46:20 - Are there plans for new commodities and coins on Phemex?

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