Crypto trading DEFI BULL RUN - TOP cryptocurrencies to watch for INSANE GAINS - Coin of the week.

The crypto market is seeing huge moves especially in the defi space. Every Monday we look at the market with @lisaNEdwards and @diditaihuttu As always we must stress to you that this is not financial advise and you must do your own reseach and make your own decisions especially in this market. Huge gains are being made but they can easily be lost. We offer lots of educational material for you to learn more before making any decision so make sure to check out all our resources. Much can be learnt at

Here is a link to the material mentioned the show also.

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2:20 Bitcoin chart - The bullish case
7:00 Ethereum chart
8:00 BSV chart and why it moves like in does
9:40 Alt coin charts
10:00 Eidoo chart (defi wallet project) Lots of room to move
11:00 XTZ chart not moving much but still watching
11.30 General conversation on staking, price impact on the overall market and the bull run in defi
20:00 Doge coin chart
21:30 Swipe chart A project Lisa is watching closely Swipe working with Binance
23:00 Ampleforth chart and the 20000% candle
25:00 Comp chart and what the project does. Lisa likes this one
26:00 Lend AAVE The parabolic mover
28.30 Algorand chart
31:25 COV chart Covesting A copy trade site Check it out.
38:00 Defi list of projects to have a look at (Link is in the show notes)
41:00 Didi talks about being back in Holland
47:50 Didi talks about a trading product he is using
56:00 Twitter hack
Crypto Trading
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