Payment Proof?? Withdraw? Is Crypto mining biz A SCAM? ((Honest Review))

Published Payment Proof?? Withdraw? Is Crypto mining biz A SCAM? ((Honest Review))
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Number 1: no refund policy.

Refund policy is really important to trust your website because everyone is not same some people want to change their mind and they want to refund their balance crypto mining.Biz faq page then you will see they clearly said that all of your order or purchase plan is not refundable this means if you invest in this website to make money then you cannot get back your money and there is no return agreement so if a few days later this website shut down then there is no way you can get your money back.

Number 2: no founder no team members photo

A professional company will always share the founder's contact information and team member's photos and contact information. So that any user can connect with them to learn about their company that what they are doing and what is their future plan so that more people trust the website to invest more money in the future.

But to be honest, I don't find who is the real founder of this website there is no information I think they just hide their founder and team members real identity that's why you don't have the opportunity to connect with them and talk to them personally so if they do anything wrong you cannot expect any good support.

Number 3: no contact phone number.

When it comes to investing in a website their contact information is really important because you can personally call them to learn about your mining capacity also you can connect to them using the contact phone number so that you can learn about their mining updates but they don't have any contact phone number or any live chat support they are only giving you the opportunity to connect with them by email and in the telegram group which is not the best support because you know sometimes people invest money and they start feeling nervousness so the professional company will always help their user with live contact support

So if you invest in this website then always nervousness will work in your mind which is not really good.

Number 4: most of the trustpilot reviews are fake.

Number 5: there is no update on the youtube channel

Number 6: some bad reviews on Trustpilot.

So based on my research crypto-mining.Biz website is risky to invest and if you focus on my channel you will see that I already review lots of scam websites so I will recommend you to watch all of my video one by one so that you gain some experience to review a website.
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