Casa vs Unchained Capital Review | The Best Bitcoin Multisig Wallet

In this video I simplify and review the different collaborative custody multisig offerings from Keys.Casa (aka Casa HODL) and Unchained Capital. We go over what multisig is and how it works, what services Casa and Unchained Capital offer, where they are similar, where they are different, and which service you should get based on your unique multisig needs taking into consideration: best security, best price, and easiest to use.

Casa and Unchained Capital are the leading companies in the Bitcoin multisig space. They offer collaborative custody solutions that are compatible with all the leading hardware wallets: Ledger, Trezor and ColdCard.

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Intro 0:00
What is Multisig? 0:26
Casa Services Explained 1:36
Unchained Capital Services Explained 4:25
Casa vs Unchained Capital 8:17
Which Service Should You Get? 13:00
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