Bitcoin Hits $63,000 (And Why It's Going Much Higher)

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In this video, I discuss Bitcoin hitting new all-time highs above $63,000, as well as why I believe that this party is just getting started.

There are still huge inflows coming into Bitcoin, and these will only increase as a US Bitcoin ETF is finally approved, and corporations continue to add Bitcoin to their balance sheets. There is a very good chance that we have just entered the Bitcoin super-cycle, where institutional buyers buy every dip and chase Bitcoin much higher.

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My favorite Bitcoin dashboard:

Bitcoin $60,000: Almost Gone Forever:

Pi Cycle chart rubbish:

Bitcoin about to overtake the Swiss Franc:

Bitcoin now bigger than Brazil's stock market:

Galaxy files for Bitcoin ETF:

Barron's features Bitcoin on cover:

Lots of rumors that Walmart has been buying Bitcoin:

Time magazine adding Bitcoin to its balance sheet:

Coinbase's market cap will be larger than Nasdaq or ICE:

Bitcoin continue to be taken off the exchanges:

75% of professional investors still believe that Bitcoin is a bubble:

Bitcoin "bubble" compared to other historical bubbles:

Investment flows continue to leave gold and enter Bitcoin:

Dan Loeb and Third Point are holding Bitcoin:

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