Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Full H&S Move - Technical Analysis (T.A) & Price Predictions w/ Rocky, March 12

The prices have plummeted down to the full measured move target from the Head and Shoulders on the daily time frame. Faster and more horrifically than expected. In this video we're looking at what's next to act as support or be broken as resistance for some price movement. Levels, entries, exits etc.

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The following indicators are used in today's video:
Exponential Moving Averages:
Yellow Solid Line = 21
Green Solid Line = 55
Cyan Solid Line = 144
Purple Solid Line = 233

Simple Moving Averages:
Red Dotted Line = 55,
White Dotted Line = 233

RSI + Ema,

There is a chance of upside, and we explore the reasons why, but also a strong chance of more downside. Targets, entries, exits, risk management zones and more identified in this episode.

Cryptocurrency, Forex, Mains like Bitcoin and Ethereum explained fully alongside all the alts you could shake a stick at in the run up to a potential Alt Season with Rocky Outcrop. We explore the upper and lower gaps on the CMEs and take a look at alt coins versus BTC and the USD.

Bitcoin Technical Analysis and Ethereum Technical Analysis with Rocky Outcrop takes a look at the cryptocurrency trading world and within 15 minutes you get Ethereum Explained, Bitcoin Explained and all you need to know to make profits and trade safely. I am not a financial advisor. This does not constitute financial advice. The rest of the episode is a comprehensive look at the market. We got rejected from the 50% Dow Jones retrace and now as a result we can see the effect across the market.

When looking at any market to make a trade, be it Commodities, ForEx, Crypto Currency, Bonds or Stocks & Shares you get a far better idea of what might be about to happen with the prices if you look at more than just one asset. By looking at both Ethereum and Bitcoin you get a far better idea how the market will move because not only do they move together most of the time but the factors which at a more fundamental level affects one asset will affect the other to a greater or lesser degree. With this in mind I start today’s analysis by looking at the Bitcoin fund operated by a company called Greyscale, the GBTC Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. I also take a look at the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) charts and form a better opinion on the trend in the market by incorporating those into our analysis of the things we are about to trade.

I don’t really like to overcomplicate trading, there is enough to be confused about before you get stuck into a million different indicators and oscillators. In today’s video we look at the Bitcoin Price, find some support we can rely on enough to manage risk and take a look at potential targets. Then we move onto Ethereum and do the same thing. Overall we avoid the use of wedges (and other reversal patterns) or drawing unnecessary consolidation patterns on the charts and that concept and why we work that way is looked at in more detail in this video.

Another day in the cryptocurrency trading markets and another daily technical analysis video with everything you need to know about Bitcoin explained in less than 10 minutes. I introduce you to the Deribit exchange and show the placing of a trade there on the futures contract for June. I use Deribit as I think it is possibly the best of the leveraged bitcoin and ethereum margin trading exchanges.

In the video we look at the overhead resistance, price targets, potential entries and exits on both assets and use the 10 simple moving average, 200 simple moving average, 21, 55, 100 and 200 exponential moving averages along side the MACD, RSI and Stochastic oscillators to identify potential bullish divergence, bearish divergence and bullish hidden divergence and bearish hidden divergence.

I also use horizontal support and resistance lines and Fibonacci retrace tool to make all the analysis have a further degree of confluence.

This is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor.

What about the CME gaps? The last one created has been filled but will that be enough or will we eventually see the remaining gaps be filled?

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Thanks for joining me for this episode of Bitcoin Technical Analysis.

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