Best Crypto Airdrops Of December 2020

Hey! Time to look at December #Airdrops for 2020 it's mostly filled with small stuff and a couple of bigger ones. We also have a few which were mentioned in the last episode that is still running so make sure you take a peek at my Airdrops playlist over at my channel. #Bitcoin #NFT

1) AlienWorlds -
2) RAI finance -
3) SocialGood -
4) Swissborg -
5) DIA -
6) Dappradar DAI -
7) Warp Finance -
8) Flare x Ripple -
9) Pea farm -

Obviously do your own research on the matter and measure if its worth doing KYC or the time for specific airdrop, then again some might moon in future or give more capital to invest in crypto.
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