4 Stocks That Will EXPLODE With Bitcoin Boom - BTC

Instead of investing directly into Bitcoin, here's 4 stocks to buy that will benefit from the Bitcoin Boom we've been seeing.

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4:50 Square Stock - SQ Stock - Best stocks to buy 2021 - Bitcoin 2021 - BTC - Bitcoin
6:55 Facebook Stock - FB Stock - Libra - Paypal Stock - Cryptocurrency - Crypto 2021 -
7:50 Visa Stock - V Stock - Best stocks to buy now - Bitcoin News Today - Crypto News
8:55 Riot Stock - Riot Blockchain Stock - Ethereum - Bitcoin Mining - BTC Mining - Crypto

Hey guys how's it going it's Andy from MagooInvesting. Happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to talk about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. This is not something I've done for it's own video before. But with the recent boost in bitcoin price, I know more people are interested in things like bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. So In today's video I wanted to talk about 4 stocks that will explode with Bitcoin boom. These are stocks to buy that have varying levels of exposure to bitcoin and other crypto. The stocks in this list include Paypal Stock (PYPL Stock) and Square Stock (SQ Stock) that have recently allowed users to start buying and selling bitcoin (BTC) on their platforms. This has led to a crazy spike in Bitcoin price as the demand as increased significantly as accessibility has also increased. Then I talk about Visa stock (V Stock) that doesn't currently have much exposure to bitcoin but that could change relatively soon. And then I wrap up the video talking about Riot Blockchain stock (RIOT Stock) that focuses on the mining aspect of things. Crypto and bitcoin isn't going away anytime soon and these are some options to invest in the movement besides just buying directly into bitcoin, Ethereum, or XRP. Thanks for watching my video and I'll see you in the next video!

Stocks In This Video!
Paypal Stock - PYPL Stock - $PYPL - PYPL
Square Stock - SQ Stock - $SQ - SQ
Visa Stock - V Stock - $V - V
Facebook Stock - FB Stock - $FB - FB - Libra
Riot Blockchain Stock - RIOT Stock - $RIOT - RIOT
Bitcoin - BTC - Bitcoin Price - Bitcoin 2021
Ethereum - Ether - Ripple - XRP

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