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In the FGM economic model, FGM tokens are mined from scratch, and new users register, the platform will support a free mining machine, the operating cycle is 30 days, the output value can be 240FGM (1FGM=0.0365USDT), and if your friends are directly invited to participate in investment , You can get 50% of the direct push income, the second-generation friends can get 30% of the second-generation income when participating in investment, and the third-generation friends can get 20% of the third-generation income when participating in the investment. It is important to note that promotion income must be purchased by yourself before you can get the income. Friends can participate in the investment of their superiors every day to have promotion income. One of the most powerful functions of the FGM new economic model is the strong incentive mechanism and maximum theoretical supply The combination of restrictions, and at the same time, FGM’s regular repurchase dividend mechanism will encourage more users to hold FGM, further causing its scarcity, and helping tokens continue to increase in value and find value.

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