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Want to know what the next 100x Altcoin is going to be in the Cryptocurrency market -- before anyone else? In this video I share with you what I think is the next 100X Crypto Altcoin GEM and how you can get involved before it launches on the market! More details down below!????

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So, what is the next 100X potential Altcoin Gem?


What is Spores?

"Spores is a cross-chain DeFi-powered NFT marketplace defining decentralized pop culture"

It has NFT-DeFi
NFT fractionalization, fungible tokenization and NFT pool-making, utilizing DeFi lending and farming facilities

Batch minting & transfer
Multi-Chain Operability
Easy minting and managing NFTs on multiple chains, buying/selling & swapping items across many blockchains

SPO token
The native token of Spores Platform is designed for community governance and DeFi utilization with NFT-creator-centricity and DeFi-community-driven purpose.

SPO is used to incentivize NFT creators, buyers, agents, and liquidity providers across the ecosystem

How to participate in the IDO on Cardstarter!

Step 1 — Staking
To register for Spores, you must have a tier qualifying number of CARDS staked.
Please read our most recent tiers article to learn about tier requirements
Please read our staking guide to learn how to stake your CARDS if you have yet to complete this process.
Step 2 — KYC
Spores requires KYC. If you haven’t provided KYC through our partner Fractal yet, please do so now.
In addition, if you provided KYC to Fractal but it didn’t request your wallet address, please log back in through the following links to link your wallet address to your KYC.
NOTE: Your KYC must be completed and verified by the end of Spores registration window. If your KYC is not verified by July 4th, 4pm UTC we can’t guarantee you’ll be whitelisted.
KYC For Unrestricted Countries
KYC For Accredited US Investors
Step 3 — Register
Head over to pools.cardstarter.io to register!
Click on the Spores box (below where it says IDO Status) to open the registration window.

Once in the registration window, click “Register”. This will open up your connected wallet to complete the transaction. Please confirm the transaction, and give it a few minutes to go through.

Click Register On The Right To Register
For Wild Card Participants (100–1499 CARDS Staked)
Select your odds of participation if you are in the wild card tier before clicking register. Your pool weight will range from 0.1x to 1.5x at 100% odds of participation.
You can opt for up to a 1.5x pool weight with any number of CARDS in the Wild Card bracket, but you will be taking the chance of lower odds of participation the higher you push your pool weight. Good luck!





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