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❓FAQ: https://freecryptorobot.com/faq.php

???? Attention: Now you must use the "safe settings". Same algo but only highly liquid coins. They eliminate the strong slippage of the stop loss. You can select this options in your "API trading tool" settings.

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You must understand, you can not use signals directly. A buy signal indicates that an abnormal activity of the buyer was noticed on the coin. You can use this information to add this coin to your watch list.

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-We add blacklist for coins soon...wait for update
-We change price of API trading tool, it be 0.02BTC lifetime. Run and forgot 14.06.2019
-We launch "Experimental Settings" section: 04.04.19
-Stoploss issue fixed 31.03.19
-New stoploss algo 23.03.2019
-We launch website: https://FreeCryptoRobot.com
-Change stoploss settings: 8.03.19
-Set agressive settings: 21.02.2019
-API Trading Tool statistic last reset: 18.02.2019
-Fix smart take-profit BUG: 18.02.2019
-We add smart take-profit: 16.02.2019
-Set safe settings: 12.01.2019
-Set agressive settings: 10.01.2019
-Trading Signals statistic last reset: 2.11.2018
We've developed a unique algorithm that doesn't look like anything you've seen before. We will not disclose any details, but we think the open bidding statistics are enough to evaluate its effectiveness. The algorithm is set to increase amount of bitcoins and at the first sign of danger it always tries to sell as many altcoins as possible. Our algorithm trades very carefully and all risks are limited by stop-loss (approximately 1-2%), profit is unlimited and controlled by smart trailing stop-loss (it changes with the price according to a complex algorithm, taking into account volumes and liquidity)
Robot check all BINANCE markets every second. If robot detect anomaly buyers activity, he send signal to telegram group and youtube. It is raw data. On youtube stream have delay, in telegram without delay:
Now we post signals for buy, sell and stoploss trailing (new stop-loss price).
Also we have API trading tool, Tool for automated trading on the signals of our robot.
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You can create new binance account how referer of your main account. Setup API trading tool on new account and get refback! Subscribtion lifetime NOW!
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